Ten Years Ago, in 2012,
Guinevere became Deeply Inspired by the Wonderfully Beautiful, Classical Portraits of Old.


Guinevere Found Herself
in a New Place,
and in a New Time,
spawning a New Beginning
for her, and her Art.
A Rebirth, Back to the Classics,
and Classical Portrait Painting.

. . . An Intense Fascination
with the Many Smooth Colors
that Make up the Glowing Skin,
Luscious Beautiful Hair,
The Elegant Draping of Folds,
in Unique Fabrics,
The Great Contrast,
The Grand Size,
. . . The Drama of it All.

(image for artistic purposes only)
"THE GIRL IN THE BLUE FLORAL DRESS" oil 2016, by Guinevere

Enjoy a Wonderful Private Tour,
throughout 2 Floors and 3 Rooms,
of these Grand Classical Portraits,
up close and personal,
with a Personally Guided Tour,
by Guinevere,
herself. Enter into the Artist's Studio, where she Creates these Fabulous Works of Art.

Weather and Season permitting, upon completing the Tour, Visit with Guinevere in her Lovely Sculpture and Flower Garden, or just meander through her Garden with her, for Beautiful Inspiration.


Please Call 913-777-9511 To Schedule a Private Tour

Current Tours Conducted at Guinevere's Private Estate on Castle Drive
Future Tours Will Be Conducted at Guinevere's Private Estate
at Bellton Castle, in Mission Hills