"Beautiful Homemaker"
Loving Wife & Mama of 9
Elite Classical Portrait Painter

"GUINEVERE ART MUSEUM OF KANSAS CITY" - Grand Classical Portrait Commissions - Guinevere Art Academy - Old-Fashioned Costumed Charcoal Classical Portrait Drawings - Zumba-Dance with Guinevere

Elite Classical Portrait Painter (One of the Greatest Classical Portrait Painters in the World)


"Kansas City's Artist of the Year"-2002 (Voted as One of the Best of the Bests)

Owner of "Guinevere Art Academy" - Kansas City's Premier Private Fine Art Academy for All Ages

International Zumba-Dance Instructor (in training) with "Zumba-Dance with Guinevere"

"Dedicated to Capturing the Beauty and Elegance of Grand Classical Portrait Paintings, I'm Proud to be Bringing Back the Fine Art of Classical Portraiture." - Guinevere