"Beautiful Homemaker"
Loving Wife & Mama of 9
Elite Classical Portrait Painter

Guinevere Art Museum of Kansas City  Commissions-Art Academy-Zumba-Dance

GUINEVERE M. GERARDY, Mother of 9, is an Elite Classical Portrait Painter residing in Kansas City. (One of the Greatest Classical Portrait Painters in the World!)
She is a "Multiple-Award-Winning-Self-Taught-Artist," Honored and Awarded as "Kansas City's Artist of the Year"-2002. (Voted as One of the Best of the Bests)!
Owner of "Guinevere Academy of Fine Art,"- An Elite Private Art School in Kansas City, For All Ages. Offering Some of the Best Art Courses in KC!

Discovering, Uncovering, and Developing, Some of the Greatest Art and Artists of the World!

"PICASSO is My All-Time Favorite Artist, so you'll see a lot of references to him, and Inspiration from him, throughout my entire website!" -Guinevere