"Beautiful Homemaker"
Loving Wife & Mama of 9
Elite Classical Portrait Painter

Guinevere Art Museum of Kansas City  Commissions-Art Academy-Zumba-Dance

GUINEVERE M. GERARDY, Mother of 9, is an Elite Classical Portrait Painter residing in Kansas City. (One of the Greatest Classical Portrait Painters in the World!)
She is a "Multiple-Award-Winning-Self-Taught-Artist," Honored and Awarded as "Kansas City's Artist of the Year"-2002. (One of the Best of the Bests)!
Owner of "Guinevere Academy of Fine Art,"- A Very Small, Inspirational and Elite, Private Art Academy, in Kansas City. Discovering, Uncovering, and Developing, Some of the Best Art and Artists of the World.

"PICASSO is My All-Time Favorite Artist, so you'll see a lot of references to him, and Inspiration from him, throughout my entire website! I hope to Inspire You Too! Welcome!" -Guinevere