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"THE MIDDLE YEARS 2010-2016, Guinevere, ages 37-43 years old"

THIS is MY Journey for these years. . . . Please stay with me.

"I was going through some major changes in my life, (Motherhood/Womanhood Time Period), so, I started something New. I Painted with Oils. I hated it at first. Now, I love it, and wouldn't go back if I could. I Won "First Place" for My Second Painting painted ever. So, that was pretty cool.

- - - - - - - -
In 2011, . . . I got rid of everything Art Related.
Long Story there: My little girl got stung by a bee, outside with her brothers and sisters, while I was at the computer discussing an upcoming International Art Exhibit, with someone from Estonia, for my Art Gallery, located downstairs of the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in Kansas City. (One of the Bests of the Bests, Founders of the Crossroads Art District and First Fridays in Kansas City)

Needless to say, . . . I finally broke down. I'd had it with Art taking over my life. All those precious Mommy years were taken from me, . . . by Art. I wanted out. Out of all of it. For good. Forever. My husband had started a new job that was supposed to be enough for everything, so we decided now would be a good time for me to finally be the stay-at-home-Mommy that I always wanted to be. To my 8 children, at that time. I wanted no trace of Art.

So, my husband and I, burned hundreds of my Drawings and Paintings in our 3 fireplaces. I smashed all my Sculptures. I threw stuff away. Donated some supplies to a College. I was done.

I wanted to be the Mommy that I always wanted to be, and have.

But, shortly after all this, my husband's job fell apart, and I was faced with a horrible dilemma. No money. No Art. No Businesses. Nothing to start back up with. And besides that, I detested Art at that time. I hated it. But, it was all I knew. I had to do it again. It was so painful. I dreaded it for years later. I dragged my feet through it. I cried. I sabotaged myself, continuously. Going forward. But falling back. I couldn't do what I'd been doing. It robbed me of my Motherhood. All that Art meant nothing to me. Wasted years on stupid stuff. How can I fake it? How could I do it differently this time? Why did I have to do it?

I had to start all over from scratch. With nothing to show for my experience. I, soon, taught again, but I struggled. Could only muster the energy to have a few students at one time, and not follow through with any more. I had some of the worst situations come before me, and, yet, somehow, naturally as before, I found some great opportunities before me.

My First Event was a Sketching Event, at the Country Club Plaza, in Kansas City. I was their "Featured Artist." And that helped. For a little while.

I was clearly distracted. My mind and life could not go there once again. To that world of Art.

Being on 3 acres in the Country, but in the middle of the city, I fell in love with this White Stone Estate on land, in Kansas City. It had a White Stone Entrance and a Circle Drive. It was Dreamy. I imagined a Horse-Drawn Carriage taking me through the paths and open fields, filled with wildflowers, on a sunny day. I made paths in our open field, and through the trees. Apple Trees. I watched Historic movies. I fell in love with the Classical Time Period, during this time, as well, and wanted to Paint Beautiful Classical Portraits for my own home and for Wealthy, Elite Patrons.

. . . So, I started that." -Guinevere

- - - - - - - -
A few Images of Guinevere's Work were saved and Donated by Guinevere's Father, her Uncle Joe, and a Business Friend. And a few early pieces, framed under glass, were donated to the Museum by another Friend.

Select Pieces for this online Exhibit are displayed Chronologically, so you can see Guinevere's changes of Style and Techniques, as the years progressed.