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"RECENT WORKS 2017-2018, ages 44-45 years old"

"In my mid-to-late-20's, I realized I did Art because I felt it was the first time I really "mattered." I liked it. I liked trying new things all of the time. I was excited. I wanted to share it with everybody. It came to me naturally. I was good at it. I Won many Awards for it. And people Praised me for it. I created my life around it. I was Successful. I was very busy.

It soon became too much for me. I was missing out on my big family. The big family I always wanted. It became increasingly hard for me to do Art, run businesses, and be a Mother. The mother I wanted to be. I didn't need to "matter," my children and family did.

Yesterday, I had a realization that I want my children to be a part of My Legacy. My Art Museum. To teach them to be "Great." To be with them in the process of creating Great Works of Art. To show them how to run Art businesses that will sustain them and their families. To give of myself and my talents. To do all this for them, with them, and of them.

%I had a Great Art Conversation with a young man about to enter College for Art. It was truly Inspiring. His dad showed me some of his Work. I showed him some of mine. I was reminded of how Exciting Art really can be. How you can make Anything out of Nothing. Why Art is so Special. And so exciting. I had lost all of that years ago, in the fires. It was so nice to get excited all over again. After all these years. I realized, once again, why I wanted to share my enjoyment of it to people everywhere. Of every age. %

After getting rid of so many years of wasted work on things irrelevant to me, you will see in My Recent Works, now, besides my Classical Portrait Work, that I Draw, Paint, and Sculpt what "matters" to me. My Children. Themes of My Children, Mother and Child, Lovers, Dancers, etc. With an occasional Creative Abstract or Piece that I may need to do for a Class I Teach." -Guinevere

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Many of Guinevere's Unique Pieces are Currently on Exhibit throughout the Greater Kansas City Area. Information regarding the Exhibiting Works will be given upon Registration for Admission to the Museum for Tours, or Enrolling in the Academy.

Not all Pieces that are on the Website/Online Exhibit will be on Exhibit at the Museum, and some Pieces that are not on the Website/Online Exhibit will be on Exhibit.

"Please enjoy these Virtual Exhibits on our Website. May they Inspire you to come out and Tour the ArtWork in person, or to join us at the Academy in Creating Great Works of Art!!

Either way, We look forward to meeting you and sharing with you the Joy of Art!" -The Gerardys (Family Owned and Operated)