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"RECENT WORKS 2017-2018, ages 44-45 years old"

"In my mid-to-late-20's, I realized I did Art because I felt it was the first time I really "mattered." I liked it. I liked trying new things all of the time. I was excited. I wanted to share it with everybody. It came to me naturally. I was good at it. I Won many Awards for it. And people Praised me for it. I created my life around it. I was Successful. I was very busy.

%It soon became too much for me. I was missing out on my big family. The big family I always wanted. It became increasingly hard for me to do Art, run businesses, and be a Mother. The mother I wanted to be. I didn't need to "matter," my children and family did.

%After getting rid of so many years of wasted work on things irrelevant to me, you will see in My Recent Works, now, besides my Classical Portrait Work, that I Draw, Paint, and Sculpt what "matters" to me. My Children. Themes of My Children, Mother and Child, Lovers, Dancers, etc. With an occasional Creative Abstract or Piece." -Guinevere