Guinevere is a "Beautiful Homemaker," Wonderful Loving Wife, Mama, and MimiNana, to her Handsome Husband of almost 25 years, 9 Beautiful and Talented Children, and her First, Sweet Grandson, who's 4.


She's an Elite Classical Portrait Painter, "Multiple-Award-Winning-Self-Taught-Artist," Awarded and Honored as "Kansas City's Artist of the Year" -2002, Award-Winning-Dancer, International Zumba-Dance Instructor, and Aspiring Ballerina and Lounge Singer.


"I would describe my ArtWork as somewhat "Stylish." I'm a pretty Stylish Woman, and I think it just comes through in my ArtWork." -Guinevere

Guinevere is a Highly Acclaimed Fine Artist and Instructor, well versed in a Wide-Variety of Art, who has been Moving through Art and making Headlines for Years.

Raised in the small town of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, and at an early age, Guinevere found she had a Natural Gift for Art, Winning Awards and Teaching Art to her peers and students of all ages, from the young age of 12.

Guinevere's been Honored and Awarded as "Kansas City's Artist of the Year" -2002 and in Art alone, (Realistic to Abstract), she is a Multiple-First-Place-Award-Winner in all the following categories of "National Merit," "Mixed-Media," "Design," "Pastel," "Pencil," "Charcoal," and "Oil Painting."

Guinevere was Nominated for "Who's Who of American Women," by the company itself, "Kindest Kansas Citian", and Greatly Honored as "Most Inspirational Instructor."

A YOUNG GIRL (1985-1987)
Guinevere: 12-14 yrs. old

As a young girl of twelve, in Grade School, Guinevere Won an Honorable Mention Award at a Tri-County Drawing and Writing Contest, in Minnesota, Awarded and Recognized in front of her entire Elementary School, and a First Place Award, for a Kite Design, out of all of the sixth grade classes in school.

- Lead Actress; 7 year Theatre Career

- Exceptional Dancer; 10 years of Jazz, Tap, and Ballet

Guinevere: 15-18 yrs. old

A drastic move from Minnesota to Kansas, for High School, immediately placed Guinevere in Independent Study, bypassing the Foundational Course, and she soon became Assistant to her new Art Teacher in Kansas.

- Active Member of High School Art Club

- Exhibited at local banks throughout Greater Kansas City Area

- Exhibited Portrait Work, at Highly Recognized Folly Theatre, Downtown, KCMO

- ArtWork used as Examples in High School Art Classes

- ArtWork published in PennPoint Magazine alongside others' Poetry

- Won Honorable Mention; Colored Pencil Still-Life of Vegetables, Shawnee Mission Scholastic High School Art Competition, Kansas, out of all of the Shawnee Mission High Schools in Kansas.

For Entertainment, Guinevere, and her friends and brother, went out Dancing, and hung out at the Nelson. (Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City)

Guinevere: 19-21 yrs. old

Upon embarking College, at the Highly Recognized Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas, Guinevere Won the Prestigious Academic Award Talent Scholarship, at age 19.

- At 20, Guinevere was Awarded as "Best Dancer" at a popular Dance Club, in Kansas City.

Guinevere also Won First Place, in a National Art Competition, "League for Innovation in the Community College," as well as a Certificate of National Merit, for a Large Mixed-Media piece, titled "Mind Over Matter," Awarded & Recognized in front of the entire College.

"Mind Over Matter," 1994: "Working through the perplexity of life's challenges, my world of undulating thoughts can never be tame, if only mind could truly be the direct outlet, I'd imagine my way right out of here."

THE LEADER IN HER (1995-1996)
Guinevere: 22-23 yrs. old

With a move back to Minnesota, Guinevere taught Before & After School Art Classes to Students of All Ages in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota School Districts, making Headlines with her students in a local St. Paul Newspaper.

- Volunteered and ran all Art Programs, at Prestigious "Amherst H. Wilder Foundation," St. Paul, Minnesota, giving professional Art Presentations and Teaching Art to Senior Citizens.

- Honored and Awarded a "Student Leadership Recognition Award," for Leading all of the Art Programs at the Highly Recognized Lakewood Community College, (now known as Century College)

- While in Minnesota, Guinevere was President and Program Director, for "The Creative Arts Alliance," the College's Official Art Club.

- Guinevere was also Assistant to the Art Director, and in-charge of the entire Ceramic Department, through College's Work/Study Program.

THE TEACHER (1996-1997)
Guinevere: 23-24 yrs. old

After Graduation, and a move back to Kansas, Guinevere taught 5 different types of After School Art Classes, weekly, for a Magnet School, in Kansas City.

- Sales Associate, "Keith Coldsnow's Art Supply," Overland Park, Kansas, immediately becoming their Children's Art Program Director

- Taught After-School Art Program for Blue Valley School District, Kansas

- Taught Private Art Lessons in Wealthy Students' homes in the Kansas City Area

- Taught Art through YWCA, for Young Children in Early Morning and Afternoon Classes, various Elementary Schools, Johnson County, Kansas

Guinevere: 24-27 yrs. old

In 1997, at the Young Age of 24, Guinevere Created her Very First Fine Art School, "The Gerardy School of Fine Art," in Overland Park, Kansas, for Students of All Ages, where they could Draw, Paint, and Sculpt, a Variety of Subjects, Topics, and Concepts, through a Variety of Styles and Media.

It proved to be Very Successful, and was even Too Much Business for Guinevere to handle at times.

THE BUSY YEARS (2000-2002)
Guinevere: 27-29 yrs. old

Guinevere joined the Greater Kansas City Art Association (GKCAA) and Mid-America Pastel Society (MAPS), in 2000, Immediately Winning several "Artist of the Month" Blue Ribbon - First Place Awards and Special Recognitions there.

- Guinevere's first Art School, "The Gerardy School of Fine Art," was Interviewed for an Article in the Specialty Section, of The Kansas City Sun Newspaper in 2001.

- Guinevere also Founded "Model Masters," - The Art Club for Drawing People.

- Guinevere soon started Commissioning Portraits for Hundreds of Dollars, and Five Years Later, she was Commissioning Portraits for Thousands of Dollars.

The following year, Guinevere had almost 100 Students Enrolled in her Spring Semester Art Classes, at "The Gerardy School of Fine Art," in Overland Park, Kansas, and in 2002, was also Honored and Awarded as Kansas City's "Artist of the Year," Selected from the Best of the Best Artists in Kansas City, at an End of Year Art Competition, held at The Country Club Plaza, in Kansas City.

That Summer, she hired a Personal Secretary and 5 Teachers, but the Students, and Parents of Students, wanted her to be the Teacher, and didn't want to Enroll for the Fall, unless She was going to Teach.

It was all just too much to handle, and being Pregnant with her 5th child, Guinevere closed down her Successful Art School.

For the first time, she and her family moved to the small Historic Downtown Sedalia, Missouri, into a home that looked like a Castle, with a Turret and Everything, built in 1889, off of Broadway Boulevard, that Guinevere had had her eye on for a few years.

It was Wonderful. It had 2 Kitchens, on different levels, Huge Ceilings, Round Rooms, a Grand Foyer and Master Bedroom, with a Private Balcony, and was just footsteps away from the Historic Downtown setting, where she and her husband Chris imagined having Shops in one day. (and they did, several years later)

Because her husband, Chris, had to Travel to and from Kansas City for work, daily, she just didn't see him enough, and they moved back to KC.

SLOWING IT DOWN (2004-2007)
Guinevere: 31-34 yrs. old

Guinevere Opened her First Portrait School in 2004, in Overland Park, Kansas, and ran a High-End Commission Portrait Business, called "The Portrait," the following year.

She conducted Realistic to Abstract Portrait Workshops throughout Kansas City, while continuing to Exhibit Her, and Her Students, ArtWork at various Galleries throughout Kansas City, was the Art Teacher for Lenexa Christian Center's Homeschool Enrichment Program, in Lenexa, Kansas, and was a "Guest Speaker" at the Greater Kansas City Art Association (GKCAA), Speaking about Color Choices in the Portrait.

Guinevere also Opened and Ran a Portrait Fine Art Academy, while in Lenexa, Kansas.

HER WOMANHOOD/MOTHERHOOD PERIOD - A changing point in her life (2007)
Guinevere: 34 yrs. old

In 2007, at the young age of 34, Guinevere went through her Womanhood/Motherhood Period, where she greatly felt in her heart that women should get back to the basics of true Motherhood at home and be the gentle support and feminine beauty that families need in the home.

She no longer wore black anything, but soft gentle feminine colors, pleasing to the eye, beautiful dresses, even designing them and sewing them herself, for herself and also her daughters, grew out her hair, long, full, and wavy, and brought the beautiful art of homemaking to the forefront of her life.

CREATING HOME (2007-2008)
Guinevere: 34-35 yrs. old

Guinevere, and her Family, moved back to Historic Sedalia, Missouri.

This time, Guinevere and her Large Family, found a Big Historic Red Brick Home, built in 1900, with high ceilings, a large front porch and Porch Swing, French Doors that opened to a Large Dining Room with a Long Window Seat and a Beautiful Crystal Chandelier, a Large Claw Foot Bathtub in the bathroom, a Sauna and Bar downstairs, a Maids Staircase winding to and from the Kitchen, and a Walk-Out Porch from her Bedroom overlooking the backyard.

There was a finished attic the entire top floor of the house, with a Long Window Seat. A room so big, that All of Her Daughters got to share the same room like a Big Slumber Party every night.

Another Set of French Doors opened to a Large Porch on the 2nd Level the Length of the house.

Downstairs, Guinevere eventually made a School Room for her Children, and a Dance Floor.

It was walking distance to the Public Library, Park, and Historic Downtown Setting, right off of Broadway Boulevard, in the small town of Sedalia.

The Small Historic Town of Sedalia, Missouri, Where Everybody Knew Everybody, and where she could focus on her Beautiful Family and Home.

Guinevere Baked her Very First Apple and Rhubarb Pies with Her Children, Planted Flowers with them, for the very first time, and Painted Walls and Murals for her New Home. (A Huge Brachiosaurus for Her Boys' Room, and eventually, Several of Mickey Mouse for the Nursery.)

Guinevere took on the "Joys" of Home-Schooling her Sweet Children, and being there for her "Big-Loving Family" that she always wanted.

Guinevere: 35 yrs. old

Shortly after entering her Womanhood/Motherhood Period, Guinevere Won First Place at the "Shawnee Business Expo." in 2008, in Shawnee, Kansas, for a huge Oil Painting of 3 of her daughters running down a clover-filled hill in the tiny town of Arrow Rock, Missouri, dresses flowing in the breeze with smiles and giggles of laughter lighting up their faces. Blades of grass were created with thick strokes in a multitude of greens, and there were sprinkles of glitter throughout, to add to the joy of the painting.

Guinevere titled it, "Free," and it depicted a beautiful time and Era in her life.

A RETURN TO ART (2009-2010)
Guinevere: 36-37 yrs. old

Guinevere opened up "The Gerardy Gallery," in 2009, in the Historic Downtown (Shopping Setting) of Sedalia, Missouri, walking distance from her Historic Home, and was featured on the Front Page of the Sedalia Democrat Newspaper, with her husband and children, preparing "The Gerardy Gallery."

She started "Dancing" again, a renewed sensation and love, after having stopped for so many years, due to her old church's religious convictions. It was so moving, she cried, as she danced and felt the freedom of movement and music pour through her, once again.

Over time, Guinevere and her family moved to a Huge 6 bedroom home, kind of out in the country, in DeSoto, Kansas, on 3 acres of land, with white carpet, a large Jacuzzi, huge back porch that covered the length of the house, a dance floor, a cool intercom system throughout the entire house, that had a fancy doorbell ring, where she ran a Fine Art Gallery and Commission Business, called "GerardyART," featuring large Abstract Oils and Mixed-Media pieces.

Returning to their Historic Red Brick Home, built in 1900, in Historic Downtown Sedalia, Missouri, Guinevere opened "Guinevere Fine Art Gallery," working more on her Pastel Abstract Portrait Series, Huge Abstract Oils, Portrait-Sketches for passersby, on the curbside just outside her Gallery.

Guinevere put on a huge One-Woman Solo Show, for Kansas City's First Fridays events, Guinevere-unveiled, for thousands of people, at the Hemingway Gallery, in Kansas City, Missouri, featuring over 30 pieces of Realistic to Abstract Drawings, Paintings, and Sculptures, . . . right before she moved back . . . to Kansas City.

SUCCESS (2010-2011)
Guinevere: 37-38 yrs. old

This time, moving back to Kansas City, Guinevere found a lovely White Brick Home, sitting in the middle of 3 acres of trees and field, in the middle of the city, with a White Stone Entrance and Circle Drive.

It was only 5-10 minutes from Movie Theaters, Shops, Restaurants, Mall, and The Country Club Plaza. Guinevere even walked to the Mall a couple of times with some of her children.

It had cool sliding doors between the rooms, and Guinevere even created a dance floor, downstairs. It was so big that one of her daughters used to roller skate down there.

The Home had three fireplaces, that they collected their own branches in the back yard for fires, that Guinevere liked to have going year-round, and several Apple trees they greatly enjoyed. Even making a tree fort in one of them.

Guinevere had put up several rope swings in trees that her children swung on daily. She had a little wooden play house for her little ones, and created a walking path in the back yard, where they would ride their bicycles around, or take long walks together or alone.

Country living, in the city. A dream.

Besides the great home environment, Guinevere had the honor of opening up The Grand "Guinevere Art Museum - Kansas City Gallery," located downstairs of the Prestigious and well-known Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, in the Crossroads Arts District, in Kansas City, Missouri, exhibiting her work, her children's work, and Prominent Local and International Artists, again, showcasing for Kansas City's First Fridays events, for thousands.

(what her son calls it)
Guinevere: 38 yrs. old

Shortly after opening the Gallery at the "Leedy Voulkos", in 2011 in Kansas City, Chris and Guinevere purged hundreds of her works of Art, ALL Art related things, so Guinevere could completely be a "Stay-At-Home-Mother" to her 8 Children (8 is all she had at the time) that she always wanted to be, . . . an on-going struggle she'd had for many years, where she felt "ART" was stealing her years of Motherhood.


(With everything purged and gone, only a few Works of Art, of what remains, dated prior to 2011, have currently been donated to the Art Museum from family, friends and patrons, as well as a few photo images selected for an On-Line Art Exhibit.)


Shortly after, devastatingly, Guinevere had to return to the Wonderful World of Art, for financial reasons.

As she had purged everything, she realized how many wasted years were given to artwork subjects that didn't even matter to her. (Still-life set-ups and models for portrait work, etc.)

Although it's been hard, physically and emotionally, getting back into art, after believing she would never have to deal with it again, now you will see in Guinevere's Artwork, themes of Family, her Children, Mother and Child, Dancers and Lovers, besides an occasional Abstracted piece or two, just for fun.

Things that matter to her.

Guinevere: 39 yrs.

Guinevere was chosen as a "Featured Artist," for the iconic Plaza Art Fair, for thousands of people, at The Country Club Plaza, in Kansas City, specializing in a Public "Portrait Sketching Event," that she involved her whole family in, as well.

Moving back to their Big, (year 1900), Red Brick Home in Historic Sedalia, Missouri, Guinevere opened up "Guinevere's Arte Shoppe," with her family, in Historic Downtown Sedalia, selling Art Supplies, offering Art Classes, Workshops, and Open Studio Sessions.


A quick move back to their White Brick Kansas City Home, on 3 acres, and Guinevere opened "Guinevere Art Museum of Kansas City," featuring Personal Galleries and Working Art Studios for Art Classes.

There she created a Very Large Sculpture made from twisted branches that she formed into a Great Design and Painted, placed directly in the Center of their Circle Drive.

Home Again. Country Living, in the City.

This time, on her walks in the treed back yard paths and field, Guinevere often imagined how Wonderful it would be to have a Horse-Drawn Carriage taking her through the fields.

With a Newfound Love of the Old Classical Movies, and Books, it is here, at this Home, and at this Time, where Guinevere truly became Intrigued with Classical Portraits of Old, and first started her Large "Classical Portrait Paintings Theme," that she still works on today.

HONORED (2013)
Guinevere: age 40

A Portion of Guinevere's Success Story Can Be Found in the Encouraging and Inspirational Book "Triumph Over Adversity," published in 2013, by Dr. Charles Jackard, (a High School Principal of hers), in which she additionally gave a Personal Testimony at a Special Event in Kansas City, with Dr. Jackard, himself, promoting his New Book.

Guinevere: 42 yrs. old

A "Final Move" back to their Historic Sedalia, Missouri home, built in 1900, to "Sell," and Guinevere opened "Guinevere's Atelier," A Return to the Classics: A Private Art Studio, Focusing on Classical Techniques in Drawing, Painting, and Sculpting.

The Fall of 2015, brought on an Exciting Love Inspiration for "Dance" in Guinevere, once more, through Zumba-Dance Classes, that she soon got Certified to be a "Zumba-Dance Instructor," herself.

Guinevere: 43 yrs. old

Guinevere's Classical Portrait Painting of "Ivy" can be found in the Prestigious "American Art Collector" Magazine's "Portrait Artists Directory 2016," representing Commissioning Grand Classical Portraits to Elite Fine Art Patrons, from her own Classical Style Studio, in Kansas City.

- Guinevere opened a Brand New Art School, while in Historic Sedalia, Missouri, called "Guinevere's Art School" - An Inspirational Private Art School, as well as Taught Private Art Lessons to Wealthy Students, in their homes, throughout the Greater Kansas City Area.

In the Fall of 2016, Guinevere, and her husband Chris, finally "Sold" their Historic Sedalia Red Brick Home, built in 1900, and came back to Kansas City, to focus on her Large Family of 9 Wonderful Children and her First Grandbaby, her Grand Classical Portrait Paintings and Commissions, to Elite Fine Art Patrons, Teaching some of the Best Fine Art Classes she's ever taught, through Great and Inspirational Drawing, Painting and Sculpture Classes, (Realistic to Abstract), in her Small Inspirational Private Art School, simply titled, "Guinevere's Fine Art School," and preparing herself for "Ballet."

Their New Grey Stone Home is much smaller than their Historic home was, but it has a Very Large Pear Tree, and is walking distance to the Mall, a Dance School, Tae Kwon Do, Shops, Public Library, Roller-Skating Rink, and Restaurants, in which they enjoy walking to.

With a return to "Sculpture" focus in her life, Guinevere became a Member of Belger Crane Yard Studios/Red Star Studios, in Kansas City, Missouri.

Guinevere: 44-45 yrs. old

In 2017, Guinevere Founded Kansas City's Premier Fine Art School: "Guinevere Academy of Fine Art" - An Elite Private Fine Art Academy in Kansas City, for All Ages.

- Exhibited at a Brand New Café in town, "Far East Café," in South Overland Park, Kansas

- Joined her Daughter Josephine in taking "Jazz" Dance Lessons at Miller-Marley School of Dance and Voice

- Along with her daughter, "Baby," Guinevere joined Kansas School of Classical Ballet

- Guinevere Academy of Fine Art, developed into "Guinevere Art Academy," welcoming Ages 1 to Adult, to Experience the "Beautiful Fine Art to Creating Beautiful Fine Art"

Guinevere: 45 yrs. old
Nowadays, you will see Guinevere Painting away at her Grand Classical Portraits, teaching Select Fine Art Courses in her Art Academy, practicing Zumba and Ballet, and preparing for Lounge Singing, while making sure her Big Family comes First.