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"A COLLECTION" (2006-2017) Guinevere: ages 33-44

"I'm So Proud to be Bringing Back the Beautiful Fine Art
of Classical Portraiture."- Guinevere

"Most of My ArtWorks are Works in Progress, but All Life is a Work in Progress."

"I started in ART quite by accident, but then it grew to something much Bigger. It was the one thing that I had FUN with, and people praised me for, so I kept on going, because I finally "Mattered."

Soon, I realized what mattered most, was that I mattered to my "Family," and They to Me. I was a "Mother," and I was missing out.

Eventually, I wanted out of Art altogether, because it tore Me away from my Family! Even though I had had "Great Success," it made me Angry that I was now caught in this Trap, . . . resulting in me getting rid of "EVERYTHING," in 2011. (see Guinevere (Bio) in MENU)

Now, . . . I've had to come full-circle, but you will see a New Focus in my ArtWork of My Family, My Children, Lovers, and a few Abstracts thrown in there just for FUN."

On My Current Sculptures; "I feel that Clay is very Sensual to Me Right Now. I Feel Lovers and Morphing and Movement."

Of My New Work; "I Want it to Be More Than Decorative.
I Want My Work to Be Romantic and Passionate, With Intense Feelings!
I Want You to Be Able to Look at My Work, and Feel It!
(Feel the Mother's Exhausted, but Passionate, Love for Her Child, in "ALL OF ME." Feel the Emotional Embrace in "THE LOVERS," or get Lost in the Passion of My Sculptural Vase, titled, "LOST IN LOVE.)"