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"RECENT WORKS EXHIBITION" (2012-2016) Guinevere: ages 39-43
Pieces Created Since "THE GREAT SMASHING & BURNING of 2011."

Taken from Guinevere - the Biography (2011) on this website:
. . . As she had purged everything, she realized how many wasted years were given to artwork subjects that didn't even matter to her. (Still-life set-ups, animals, landscapes/seascapes, and models for portrait work, etc.)

Although it's been hard, physically and emotionally, getting back into Art, after believing she would never have to deal with it again, now you will see in Guinevere's ArtWork, themes of Family, her Children, Mother and Child, Dancers and Lovers, besides an occasional Abstracted piece or two, just for fun.

Things that matter to her.

(see "Guinevere" - Biography tab - on this Website for more details)
- "Blue" (work in progress) - 2012, and "Pink" - 2015, have since been destroyed, and no longer exist.

- "Carnival" - 2012, has since turned into Guinevere's Daughter Josephine's painting, "Face in Space" - 2015.